Zcash on iOS

An exciting update for the Zcash ecosystem comes from the Jaxx team. Jaxx were one of the very first wallets to support Zcash, implementing it into their Android and desktop wallets only days after the Zcash launch on October 28th.

In their initial statement announcing integration with Zcash, they indicated upcoming support in their iOS wallet and today, Zcash on Jaxx for iOS is live!

Anthony Di Iorio, CEO of Jaxx, says, “The privacy aspect of their technology meshes really well with Jaxx’s philosophies. We’ve been working on a Zcash integrated iOS version for a long time and we’re over the moon that Zcash has been approved on the App Store.”

Jaxx for iOS has 32,000 users and growing. With the inclusion of Zcash, now hundreds of millions of users have the ability to send and receive Zcash from their iPhones.

Jaxx has additionally confirmed their interest in supporting shielded addresses in the future. As more wallets with easy-to-use interfaces introduce shielded addresses into their software, not only will the users of those applications gain enhanced privacy for transactions they send and receive but also, the ecosystem as a whole will become more private.

We are excited about the expansion of Zcash into additional operating systems and hope to see this trigger more support for Zcash in iOS moving forward.

Jaxx for iOS joins a growing list of third-party GUI applications supporting Zcash. Wallets considering adding Zcash support should reach out to us in email or by joining our community chat, we’d be happy to help!

For more details, see the full press release from Jaxx.

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