New Release 4.3.0

The latest release includes traffic improvements, a reworked library and other updates.

Bringing Halo 2 to Zcash

As the first implementation of Halo within Zcash, this would serve as a catalyst for Zcash user confidence and scalability,

New Release: 4.1.0

Migration to Clang and static libc++ zcashd now builds its C++ (and C) dependencies entirely with a pinned version of

New Release: 4.0.0

Network Upgrade 4: Canopy The 4.0.0 release supports the Canopy activation on mainnet, which will occur at a block height

Explaining Halo 2

Last year, our team announced a collection of discoveries and research milestones as part of our Scalability 2021 mission for

New Release 3.1.0

Network Upgrade 4: Canopy The code preparations for the Canopy network upgrade are finished and included in this release. The

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